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Glendalough 17 Year Old

Glendalough 17 Year Old
Glendalough 17 Year Old

Irish Whiskey

A 17 Year Old Single Malt that was aged in ex-Bourbon barrels for the first 15 years before being transferred into a rare Japanese Mizunara cask for the final two years. It's predecessor the Glendalough 13 Year Old Mizunara Finish was named in the top 20 whiskeys in the world. Very aromatic and complex on the palate with notes of honeycomb, creamy vanilla and cedarwood spice.


Only 6,000 bottles available, each of which has been numbered individually.

Tasting Notes from the Producer

Aromas (without water)Rich, sweet vanilla, marmalade, over-ripe banana and toasted oak spice.
Palate (without water)Intense, but balanced. Honeycomb, creamy vanilla moving through malt into resinous sandalwood and cedarwood spices with aloeswood incense.
Fact Sheet
Alcohol %46%
Types of Barrel used for AgingInitially matured in ex-Bourbon barrels for fifteen years and then finished in Japanese Mizunara casks for the remaining two years.

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