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Babington Brook Shiraz - €4.75 (glass 187ml), €11.95 (carafe 500ml),  €16.50 (bottle 750ml)

Arich, full bodied wine with aromas of black fruits and pepper



Magellan Straits Cabernet Merlot  - €4.95 (glass 187ml), €11.95 (carafe 500ml),  €17.95 (bottle 750ml)

Full-bodied, with fruit and forest aromas, with a hint of vanilla


France Cote du Rhone Manoir du Chapelas - €5.30 (glass 187ml), €13.95 (carafe 500ml),  €20.50 (bottle 750ml)

A spicy wine with red summer fruits



Monte Reale Sangiovese - €5.50 (glass 187ml), €14.95 (carafe 500ml),  €21.95 (bottle 750ml)

A soft, fuity, easy drinking style packed with summer red fruits.



Beringer Stone Cellars Zinfandel - €5.50 (glass 187ml), €13.95 (carafe 500ml),  €20.95 (bottle 750ml)

Delicious flavour of ripe fruit with enough spice and structure, wonderfully rich and intense.



Rioja Vega Crianza €5.95 (glass 187ml), €15.75 (carafe 500ml),  €23.50 (bottle 750ml)

This is a soft, simple red with cocoa scents and ripe, peppery tannins




Valdo Prosecco €7.50 (snipe 200ml), €27.95 (bottle)

Dry, loads of fruit and a great mouthful of bubbles.




Paulita Cabernet Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc - €5.10 (bottle)



Magellan Straits Sauvignon Blanc €4.95 (glass 187ml), €11.95 (carafe 500ml),  €17.95 (bottle 750ml)

Intense tropical fruit aromas and a fresh citrussy mouthfeel



Rocca Ventosa Pinot Grigion €4.95 (glass 187ml), €11.95 (carafe 500ml),  €17.95 (bottle 750ml)

Fresh, light-bodied with hints of apples



Santa Catherina Chardonnay €4.95 (glass 187ml), €11.95 (carafe 500ml),  €17.95 (bottle 750ml)

Lemon and pineapple and lively palate of exotic fruits



Willowglen Semillon Chardonnay €5.00 (glass 187ml), €14.95 (carafe 500ml),  €20.00 (bottle 750ml)

Medium straw in colour, this elegant wine dispalys a full fruit plate, good viscosity and fie balance.


N. Zealand

Curio Bay Sauvignon Blanc €5.95 (glass 187ml), €15.95 (carafe 500ml),  €23.00 (bottle 750ml)

Peach and nectarine aromas with an appealing fruitiness


N. Zealand

Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc €8.25 (glass 187ml), €27.00 (carafe 500ml),  €41.00 (bottle 750ml)




Campo Nuevo Garnacha Rosado €4.75 (glass 187ml), €11.95 (carafe 500ml),  €17.95 (bottle 750ml)

Dry with intense ripe and juice straberry fruit finishing long in the memory





Add any mineral 

i.e Coke / 7 up 200ml size to: Bacardi, Vodka, Cork Dry Gin Captaing Morgan Spiced

Now  ONLY €5.70

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including Kraken & Coke €5.00


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i.e Schweppes 118ml size to:


Baccardi, Vodka, Cork Dry Gin Captain Morgan Spiced

NOW ONLY €5.20

Beer Specials 

Pint Bavaria / Tuborg €3.75

Pint Becks €4.00

See Notice Board for all other Specials


Other Beers on Tap


Guinness €4.50 €2.45   Heineken Extra Cold   €5.00 €2.80
Beamish €3.85 €2.45   Coors Light   €5.00 €2.80
Smithwick's €4.50 €2.45   Bulmers   €5.00 €2.80
Carlsberg €5.00 €2.80   Tuborg   €3.75 €2.45
Bavaria €3.75            


Bottled Stout

O'Haras Leann Follain. 500ml €5.10 Guinness Extra 568ml €5.40

Bottled Ale

MacArdles Ale 568ml €5.40 Sierra Neveda Pale Ale 5.6% 355ml €5.00

Bottled Larger

Birra Moretti 4.6% 330ml €5.00 BUDWEISER 330ml €5.00
Sol 330ml €4.00 CARLSBERG 330ml €5.00
Budvar 500ml €5.40 COORS Light 330ml €5.00
Paulaner 500ml €5.40 CORONA 330ml €5.00
Zywiec 5.4% 500ml €5.40 HEINEKEN 330ml €5.00
MILLER 330ml €5.00 SATZENBRAU 330ml €5.00

Gluten free Beer

Estrella Daura 330ml €5.00      

Bottled Cider/Perry

Bulmers Original, Berry, Pear, Light 568ml €5.40 Kopperberg (strawberry & Lime, mixed fruit, Pear) 500ml €5.40
Bulmers Original, 330ml €5.00 Stag 330ml €5.00
Ritz 330ml €5.00 West Coast Cooler Original/Rose 330ml €5.40
WKD 330ml €5.40 Smirnoff ice 330ml €5.40
Hollows Alcoholic Ginger Beer 500ml €5.40 Savanah Dry Cider 330ml


Non Alcoholic

Erdinger N/A,  500ml €4.80 Paulaner N/A 500ml €4.80
Krombacker, 330ml €3.95 Cobra N/A 330ml €3.95


Craft Ale on Tap

White Gypsy Ruby  - 4.6% Pint  €4.25 2/3 Pint €3.00 1/2 Pint €2.50

Brewed in Templemore by Cuilan Laughname, one of the most progressive brewers in the Irish Craft movement. A beautiful creamy white head, that stays until you finish your glass. Very smooth on the mouth.

Brewdog 5am Saint - 5% Pint €5.60 2/3 Pint €3.80 1/2 Pint €2.95

The Holy Grail of red ales. Cast away aspersions and let the crook of BrewDog be your guide in a whirlwind of conformity and mediocrity. Once this ruby liquid forms a foamy halo around your glass, you'll never look back.

Brewdog Punk IPA - 5% Pint €5.50 2/3 Pint €3.80 1/2 Pint €2.95

This 5.6% trans-atlantic fusion IPA is light golden in colour with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose. The palate soon becomes assertive and resinous with the New Zealand hops balanced by the biscuit malt.

O'Hara's IPA - 5.2% Pint €4.50 2/3 Pint €3.00 1/2 Pint €2.50

An Irish Pale Ale, made by the Carlow brewing company, with a full bodied lasting bitterness followed by a zesty citrus burst.


Wheat Beers on Tap

Erdinger Weisse Beer - 5.3% Pint €5.50 2/3 Pint €3.80 1/2 Pint €3.00

It is brewed using fine yeast according to a traditional recipe only water, yeast, hops and wheat and barley malt are used. Traditional bottle fermentation - similar to the champahne method - gives Erdinger its uniquely refreshing taste.

Blue Moon (belgium style beer) - 5.4% Pint €5.00 2/3 Pint €3.80 1/2 Pint €3.00

Brewed with oats for creaminess and spiced with the perfect combination of orange peel and coriander. An unfiltered wheat ale spiced in the Belgian tradition for an uncommonly smooth taste.

Premium Draught Lagers

Staropramen Pilsner - 5% Pint €5.00 2/3 Pint €3.50 1/2 Pint €2.95

The beer has a natural bite. Consistent and sufficient fermentation give it a full bodied, pleasantly smooth taste with a thirst quenching finish, a rich foamy head and deep golden colour.

Tiger Beer - 5% Pint €5.40 2/3 Pint €3.00 1/2 Pint €2.95

Tiger beer is a premium, fully imported lager beer. The beer itself has a sweet smell to it, a light yellow colour and a smooth creamy taste, which does not over power the other qualities of the beer.

Speciality Draught Cider

Weston's Stowford Press Cider - 4.5% Pint €5.00 2/3 Pint €3.50 1/2 Pint €2.90

The medium dry cider is produced using the finest quality ingredients, which are cold filtered and slowly matured to develop a light, refreshing, bitter-sweet cider with a fruity character. The amber-coloured cider has a ripe, fresh roma, bursting with apples.


Due to the higher strenght of some of our Craft and premium beers, we now offer 2/3 pints (schooners), for your enjoyment.